Sensory forest walk with choreographer Thomas Eisenhardt.

Every meeting with nature is a possibility for a deep experience of presence. On these sensory forest walks, we indulge in the physical and aesthetic abundance of the forest, by connecting us to our experiences through 12 senses.

The senses become the bridge between our consciousness and our surroundings.

We do not only refer to the traditional five senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch, but we indulge in the physical and aesthetic abundance of the forest by connecting to our experiences through 12 senses

The definition of a sense remains a cultural, biological and scientific subject. However, the sensory perception always leads us back to the present moment and our presence in the world. During this site specific event, the attention of the participants will be led through 12 different senses – and the space in between them.

Thomas Eisenhardt, Artistic director of Aaben Dans, will be guiding the tours. During the walk, he will sharpen the senses of the participants through specific exercises and guidance.

When Thomas Eisenhardt creates performances for Aaben Dans, working with the senses is a focal point of his methodical approach: “Sensuous perception has always – more or less intentionally – been at the centre of my work. Others have described my performances as aesthetically pleasing. In the last couple of years, I have engaged myself with concrete and phenomenological approaches to the different senses on many different occasions.”

Thomas has already guided these walks for many different groups and in various circumstances. The most recent one was for the Finnish SILENCE Festival in Lapland for the local citizens and visiting international artists.

We welcome the audience into the wild, abundant and calm embrace of the forest.


Wednesday May 31st 2023 at 19:45: Midsummer walk (sold out)

Meeting place: The parking lot by Kattinge Værk, Boserupvej 150. 4000 Roskilde

Duration: Approx. 2,5-3 hours.


Phone: +45 3542 0610
Online throught buttons/links below or through

165 per person (excl. booking fee)


Guide: Thomas Eisenhardt, artistic director of Aaben Dans

Participants: The tour can host up to 25 people.

Age: Young people and adults


The walk will take place regardless of weather conditions. Therefore we remind the audience to wear practical clothes and footwear, suited for the weather on the particular day (no umbrellas).

Unfortunately, the tour is not suited for physically impaired.

Parts of the tour will be in silence.

The sensory walk is offered and produced by Aaben Dans and will be guided by Thomas Eisenhardt.