Thursday May 20th 2021 at 20:00 – premiere
Friday May 21st 2021 at 20:00 – SOLD OUT
Saturday May 22nd 2021 at 20:00 – ekstra performance

Pour it

pour it is a riverine dance performance and stream of friendships and shorelines portraits. A piece that floats between ecosystems, lingers by bodies of water and dances with ever changing aspects of love.

pour it is an extension of the piece drivtømmer (eng. driftwood)  from 2019 and continues the inquiry into intimacy, watery habitats and thresholds. The work circulates around transformations and portals – choreographic actions that serve as portals into other stages of being, the possibility of assuming the shape of the other and giving in to transformation.

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Thursday, June 3rd 2021 at 20:00
Friday, June 4th 2021 at 20:00


Just ok is the second performance in a trilogy addressing how dance can hold a space for loss. The trilogy attends to notions of emptiness referring to grief, and how something can be so achingly present and at the same time so utterly gone.

The performance engages in a kind of horror that is neither spectacular nor immediate, but suggests a mood of subtle and gradual unease; something ominous, formless and obscure.

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Thursday June 17th 2021 at 19:45: Summer walk
Sunday October 3rd 2021 at 15:45: Autum walk
Sunday March 20th 2022 at kl 9:45: Spring Equinox walk
Sunday June 5th 2022 at 19:45: Midsummer walk


Sensory forest walk with choreographer Thomas Eisenhardt

Every meeting with nature is a possibility for a deep experience of presence. On these sensory forest walks, we indulge in the physical and aesthetic abundance of the forest, by connecting us to our experiences through 10 senses. Please read more here…

Tuesday, September 7th at 9 + 10:30
Wednesday, September 8th at 9 + 10:30


A performance about the driving force of curiosity

Curiosity is the strongest drive as a small child discovers the world. A drive that can last for a lifetime.Through movement and dance, the dancers explore both the body and the space without taking anything for granted.

Created by the renowned choreographers and directors Thomas Eisenhardt and Kamilla Wargo Brekling, in collaboration with dancers Antoinette Helbing and Ole Birger Hansen, to music composed by Fredrik Lundin, in a scenography created by design duo KASPERSOPHIE.

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23rd – 25th September 2021
16th – 18th December 2021


Dance, aesthetics and narratives of the aging body

Together with the residents of two nursing homes in Roskilde, we examine the dance, aesthetics and narratives of the old body. We invite to an honest and life confirming dance performance about life under the aging skin.

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November 13th-26th 2021


Cracks is a dance performance, and installation, and a slow journey through an unheated November chilled cement hall.

The formula for the second law of  thermodynamics states that temperatures are rising – and that the arrow of time only points one way:

∆S ≥ 0

Let’s experience a new sensitivity for life in all its shapes and forms.
Let’s find new ways to care for everything that lives on earth – from the tiniest to the largest.
Choreographer Thomas Eisenhardt and director Catherine Poher mix art, nature and science into a moving and hard hitting performance.

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December 9th-10th 2021


It is a reflection on listening and hierarchies within sound. It is a landscape of singing bodies, sustained sound and soft structures.

It is a reflection on listening and hierarchies within sound. It is a landscape of singing bodies, sustained sound and soft structures. It is a stream moving through humans, materials and environments. It is words being shaped by forces. It is Oceanic by choreographer Marie Topp and composer Julia Giertz.

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