New Value®

Borderline theatre and rocking satire. An overwhelming cocktail of dance and speech, music and video plus moments of true happiness.

Finally, the art is helping the state in the important ethical questions. Time has come for NV®, New Value Registered or just New Value: The new and lasting religion of Denmark – the ethical standpoint for people and society of the future.

We are back!
The mad team behind our satirical success ”Børsen Roadshow”, loved by the audiencce, the critics and with overwhelming sales figures, is back! It won’t be quiet when the choreographers and dancers Ann Crosset, Thomas Eisenhardt and Erik Pold, the music performer Thomas Sandberg and the video artist Helle Lyshøj take a twisted look at the debate of values and the marriage between art, religion and politics.

Experience e.g. mystical atmospheres and ritual dances, TV debate with God, get indulgence and donations drawn directly by internet banking, be part of the deciding team behind the new ”canon of Danish values” and get a demonstration of the latest religious movements – in the arms.


Idea, text, choreography, music, video and performers: Ann Crosset, Thomas Eisenhardt, Helle Lyshøj, Erik Pold and Thomas Sandberg.