by Jacques Salomé
with Lane Lind and Thomas Eisenhardt

A young, 18-year-old woman’s infatuation with a 15-year-old boy, a mother’s love for the boy that becomes the fruit of their love – and the boy’s love as an adult for the wonders of life.

The French psychologist and writer Jacques Salomé has given Åben Dans the exclusive rights to stage the personal and very beautiful story LOVING, based on his own life story.

The awarded director Catherine Poher has staged a universe filled with love with dancer and artistic director Thomas Eisenhardt and actress Lane Lind on the stage. Together they conjure up remembrances and images of love with words and movements.

People amongst the audience have great opportunity to let them be captured by both the light and the sound which embrace and lead in to the mysterious light installations created by set designer Philippe LeFêvbvre.

Prepare for a catching and sensuous story about the power of love and its meaning throughout all of life’s phases.


Manuscript: Jacques Salomé

Direction: Catherine Poher

Choreography: Thomas Eisenhardt

Installation / Video projection: Phillipe LeFêvbvre and Catherine Poher

Performers: Lane Lind and Thomas Eisenhardt

Sound: Jonas Vest

Light design: Kisser Rosenquist


Age: Adult

Duration: 60 minutes

Premiere: Musicon in Roskilde, 3 March 2011

Danish touring period: March/ April 2011

Price: 20,000 DKK excl. VAT
Technical requirements: Black-out curtains and hard, wooden floorboards

Stage size: 10m wide by 10m long

Power: 400v, 3 x 63A, 230v

Tour material: Poster and programme

Arrangements in conjunction with the performance: An introduction to the performance and/or the opportunity to talk with the artists afterwards.

Theme: Love