Lecture og workshop til Silence Festival i Finland

Thomas Eisenhardt og Catherine Poher rejser snart langt nordpå – til Lapland – for at deltage i den finske “Silence Festival” i landsbyen Kaukonen.

De skal dels være med i programmet til fagdagen “Nordiske Platform #1” 6. juni med en lecture ‘Working creatively in groups of diversity’, som del i temarammen om: How to co-operate? Experiences and best practices from cross-disciplinary and international projects and tools for artistic collaborations and regional networks.

It is a great sensation to discover the unity in a set of phenomena, that at first glance might seem completely separated. Albert Einstein

8. juni  holder Thomas Eisenhardt workshop om ‘Landscape/walk/sense’:
The senses are the bridge between our consciousness and our surroundings.

During a walk in the Laplandish landscape, you are invited to experience your surroundings through 8 senses.

Sensory perception has always, more or less consciously, been a focal point in my work. My performances have often been described as sensuous by others. Different ways in recent years have led me to engage in concrete and phenomenological approaches of various senses.

Sensation as a concept is not only tied to the five traditional senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and tactility. Definition of sense is both a cultural, biological and scientifically matter but the senses will always lead us back to the present and to our presence in the world.

During this sense-session our awareness will be moved through eight different senses – and the space in between.

Silence Festival in Kaukonen village in Kittilä June 6th to 10th 2018.