I My Mini Me

Siri, Pierre and Antoinette are in the middle of a giant patchwork covering all of the stage floor. The cover, made from all sorts of clothes like trousers, hats, bags and sweatshirts is the world in which they have to navigate – and to be honest, this isn ́t always that easy, when you would like to break out, to fit in, to be alone and with the group – all on the same time.

We follow the dancers in their struggle for finding their own identity and still be a part of the cool gang. We feel the victory of Antoinette when she succeeds in lifting herself up from the patchwork in her giant dress and weeps with Pierre, when he gets wrapped all up in the whole thing and becomes fragile and exposed to the others.

A performance about having a messy closet – and a messy identity.


Choreography, concept and staging Tina Tarpgaard

Concept of scenography Signe Krogh

Dance Siri Woolthorn, Pierre Enaux og Antoinette Helbing/Anni Kaila

Music Pelle Skovmand

Video scenography Alexander Lind

Light and technique Kasper Daugberg

Costumes Inbal Lieblich

Tailor Tanja Bovin

Production Aaben Dans


Measures W: 9 m, L: 15 m, H: 4 m
Total darkening + bouncing wooden floor

Age min 12 years

Contact mail@aabendans.dk or +45 3582 0610