Public involvement through art project in Roskilde’s urban space

HOME/Hedeboparken and Ringparken

How do the citizens of some of Roskilde’s residential areas regard their own home?

What is their perception of home? How can artists and artistic practices focus on and challenge the different characterisations of home in Hedeboparken and Ringparken?

The curator team has appointed three artists, who have been selected to work with the concept of ‘home’ within the two residential areas of Roskilde. The artists are; Arendse Krabbe, Seimi Nørregaard and Mette Møller Overgaard.  Although they have different artistic practices and methods, they have a mutual point of reference in working within a social space with focus on process, involvement and co-creation.

The different creations of HJEM can be experienced during the spring and late summer of 2020. We are looking forward to telling you more, as the project progresses.

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