Aaben Dans sendte i september tre kunstnere (danserne Stina Strange Thue Tobiasen og Tomomi Yamauchi og musiker Liva Møller Overgaard) til et kunstnerisk laboratorium i Belgien. Laboratoriet handlede om FAILURE – hvad betyder fejl både personligt og samfundsmæssigt? Til Laboratoriet deltog 15 kunstnere, der er baseret i Skotland, Irland, Norge, Belgien og Danmark.

Undersøgelser i Failure laboratoriet:
what is a so-called failure & why is it perceived negatively?
what and who causes ‘failure’?
how does it have an impact on children & what’s the impact on teachers and parents?
– how and when is failure a negative notion in our own artistic field: how many ‘failures’ is an artist allowed to by the industry?
– how can Samuel Beckett’s ‘Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.’ be a source of creative inspiration to fail better?
– can we make a beautiful failure or turn a failure into a thing of beauty?
– how can be use the diverse aspects of the failure concept in performances TYA?

Labortatoriet blev dokumenteret – se filmen på siden her…