– a dance performance about women in menopause

Woman’s body dives right into the sore spot: When the woman’s body goes into menopause. For many years, it has been either taboo or slightly derogatory to talk about hot flashes, dizziness, hormone components, lack of desire or other signs of menopause. The body changes – life changes – but in the fall from the fertility peak, the middle-aged woman is driven out on a siding. At least this was how it was before the 50s became the new 40s and both men and women prolong life and youth.
Choreographer Thomas Eisenhardt and director Kamilla Wargo Brekling together with composer Fredrik Lundin and set designer Kasper Hansen from KAPSPERSOPHIE and four female performers, at the right age of course, create a thoughtful and humorous dance performance about the female body.
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Choreography: Thomas Eisenhardt
Director: Kamilla Wargo Brekling
Performers: Helene Kvint, Tomomi Yamauchi, Camilla Stage and Elke Laleman
Composer: Fredrik Lundin. Drummer: Bjørn Heebøl
Scenography and costumes: Kasper Hansen from KASPERSOPHIE
Produceret by: Aaben Dans
Photo: Ditte Valente


Online: Please press the botton beneath
Mail: billet@aabendans.dk
Phone: + 45 3582 0610


September 24th – October 14th 2022

At Aaben Dans, Rabalderstræde 10, 4000 Roskilde

Saturday September 24th at 20:00
Tuesday September 27th at 20:00
Wednesday September 28th at 20:00
Thursday September 29th at 20:00
Friday September 30th at 17:00
Saturday October 1st at 20:00
Tuesday October 4th at 20:00
Wednesday October 5th at 20:00
Thursday October 6th at 20:00
Friday October 7th at 17:00
Saturday October 8th at 20:00
Tuesday October 11th at 20:00
Wednesday October 12th at 20:00
Thursday October 13th at 20:00
Friday October 14th at 17:00


Fra 15 år


Turneperiode: efteråret 2022/foråret 2023
• Scenemål: min 8x6x4m (B,D,H)
• Mørklægning påkrævet
• Strøm: 3x32A
• Gulv: Normalt fjedrende trægulv
• Fuld rig
• PA (L+R+sub).
• Dæmpbart publikumslys
• Opstilling 4 timer (+2 timer til opvarmning inden forestilling)
• Nedpil maks 2 timer
• Trinfri adgang til scenen
Forestillingens pris: ex. moms: 25.000 kr. + moms.