Church concert

– on tour performance

The dancer Thomas Eisenhardt and the flutist Yael Acher work as an integrated part of the service and combine movement and music with a selected scripture from the Bible.

Art as well as religion once were centrally placed by the church in society, but in modern times they have drifted apart. The common source, however, still is the same: the spiritual. These special church performances are made with a wish of adding the non-verbal to the word, i.e. to add the spontaneous expression to the said word and to teach art the spiritual.

There is great potential in bringing art and the church together, and AABEN DANS productions would like to explore this. The cooperation is very giving for everybody involved, and they are happy for this very different meeting between the said word, the body and the music.

You choose your own scripture and event, and in close cooperation with the church staff a performance is made, and the whole course of the service and liturgy is planned in close cooperation. You can get information about earlier projects from the Lund Cathedral and Husumvold Church by contacting AABEN DANS productions.


“We found both Thomas and Yael very ambitious and keen to enter into dialogue concerning the service. Their professional integrity combined with a sensitivity to the sacred room and the message to Gods light entering the world made a cooperation very enriching.”
Ann-Charlotte Miller og Erik Isaksson, studenterpræster i Lund, den 17.december 2000.


Dance: Thomas Eisenhardt.

Flute: Yael Acher.