– a dance concert

Make a warm, real and life confirming trip through the ”Blueprint” performance together with the multi artists Thomas Eisenhardt, Marilyn Mazur and Peter Bastian as well as their dancers.

We call it the information society while the television set is on, the radio broadcasts, our e-mails pop up and our cell phone is on our desk vibrating with new messages. It is said that reality has been fragmented and that man today is without firm core. But is it true? “Blueprint” asks the questions: Where did our soul go? And how is our soul?

“Blueprint is about embracing the endless stream of events. With sensual dance and music the audience is being led into a universe with space for living and belief in being alive and the audience can take home a positive experience of full presence.

Peter Bastian and Thomas Eisenhardt have already worked together earlier with great success. They started out in 1999 with “Shabistaris Have” (Garden of Shabistari) and their latest cooperation was in 2002 with “Danmark” (Denmark).


Choreography: Thomas Eisenhardt.

Music: Peter Bastian og Marilyn Mazur.

Dancers: Signe Andersen, Lars Dahl Pedersen, Thomas Eisenhardt, Ole Birger Hansen, Ingrid Rosborg and Titta Eveliina Soini.