ARMS AND LEGS – and something in between

A humorous dance performance about and by the body
– for children and their grown-ups

Two men with two bodies travel full of astonishment, humour and seriousness into a universe where everything is in transformation. A universe made by the body. A place where the voice becomes music and where arms and legs become everything we did not think they were.

Children between 9 and 12 years of age begin being modest about their bodies. They start having too big feet, too long arms or bulging breasts. Maybe one’s body looks like the friends’ bodies. Maybe it does not. But it is growing – and what it is going to be in the end? The body is full of questions and taboos. All in all, the body is something peculiar.

There is something between arms and legs. What is it?

The target group is children between 9 and 12 years of age.
Children accompanied by adults should be at least 6 years old.


Idea: Thomas Eisenhardt, Ole Birger Hansen and Thomas Sandberg

Choreography and dance: Thomas Eisenhardt and Ole Birger Hansen

Music and voices: Thomas Sandberg

Dramaturge: Catherine Poher

Scenography: Maja Ravn


March 6th 2007 in Roskilde Library
Peformances: 6th – 17th March in Roskilde Library

Danish Tour:
November 2008
January 2009

Duration: 45 mins.

Age group: 9-12 years – boys and girls

Stage size: 3 mtrs. high x 7 mtrs. wide x 8 mtrs. deep, resilient wooden floor.

Stage size including the audience space: 3 m high x 10 m wide x 15 m deep.

Power: 3x16A

DKK 8,000 excl. VAT (audience of 80)
DKK 10,500 excl. VAT (audience of 125)

Theme: The body.

Tour material: Poster and programme.

Information and Booking: Lisbeth Klixbüll or phone +45 35 82 06 10.