‘With our bodies we tell the story about being human’
Thomas Eisenhardt – artistic director

Aaben Dans is a theatre in Roskilde working with dance as an expression.

We make cross-aesthetic and innovative performing arts at a high artistic level with the body in the center. We want to move our audience in an entertaining, surprising, relevant and thoughtful way. We create two new performances each year, at least one of which is for children and young people.

Aaben Dans considers  itself as a river with movement, flow and dynamics. We invite guest artists in and often work across the arts  to renew and challenge our expression. We want to reach a wide audience with good and unusual experiences. We make popular avant-garde.

Aaben Dans provides experiences for people of all ages and has a wide range of inclusive performing art activities for people in all phases of life. We make performances, we teach and we open the doors to people from six months to more than a hundred years old.

We make dance from cradle to grave.

Local and international
Aaben Dans works with the dynamics between the local and the international. We are locally anchored in Roskilde and at the same time we are one of Denmark’s most touring dance theatres. Much of our touring takes place outside the country’s borders, where we are ambassadors for Roskilde as Music city.

We see many exciting performances when we are out, and we take the best of them back to Roskilde when we organise the SWOP – International dance festival for children and young people every two years.

Artistic development
Aaben Dans is part of the project PUSH + with partners in five countries. The goal is to develop relevant and challenging performing arts for young audiences across national borders.

Aaben Dans offers recidencies in Roskilde regularly, both to national and international artists. The shape varies but a general requirement for the artists is that something has to be given back to Roskilde public events. This could for example be sharing of work, workshops, open rehearhals, conversations.

Aaben Dance periodically curates young, up-coming choreographers in the Aabent Laboratorium platform, where small choreographic pieces, video works and work-in-progress are programmed. The Laboratories are concluded with dialogue between the artists and interested audience.

Co productions
We like to work across borders both artistic, organisational and international. In this way, we often produce performances in collaboration with other institutions. For the past couple of years, we have created performances in collaboration with the dance company GazArt, the new circus theatre Rapid Eye and The National Theatre.

Education and bridge to institutions
As an important part of our work as a theatre, we attempt to bridge the theatre’s core activities and the surrounding community. We are constantly working on developing our methods where we utilise the tools from the creative processes in learning contexts.

We also work to bring dance and the joy of dance to all ages and all types of people. In this way, we have many collaboration with local children’s institutions, primary schools, special schools, youth education, day centres for the elderly and open education.


Ajs Dam

Board members
Marie Kirstejn Aakjær
Kasper Bæk
Anne Katrine Hornemann
Leiv Arne Kjøllmoen


As Roskilde’s regional theatre, Aaben Dans is supported by Roskilde Municipality as part of a four year funding agreement.

Aaben Dans would like to thank Scenekunstforliget  for its extraordinary development support and Roskilde Festival for its generous donation.

Belgium, Brasil, Canada, Cameroun, Finland, France, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Holland, Japan, China, Luxemburg, Norway, Russia, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Austria.