‘With our bodies we tell the story about being human’
Thomas Eisenhardt – artistic director

Aaben Dans adress people in all ages. We make performances, we teach and we open our doors for people from 3 months to more than a hundred years old. We make dance from cradle to grave.

In Aaben Dans we wish to touch our audience in an entertaining, moving and thoughtful way. We are known for our innovative way of thinking and a high artistically level of quality – alwayes cenetered around the body.

Aaben Dans consider ourself as a river of movement, flow and dynamics. We invite guest artists and often work across the artistic fields to renew and challenge our expression. We wish to reach a broad audience with good and exceptional experiences. We make popular vanguard.

Aaben Dans is a regional theater in Roskilde and we work with dance and the body as expression. We create two new performances each year, of which at least one is for children and young people. We are rooted locally in the fertile soil of Roskilde and have a big international and branched network. We work with the dynamic between the local and the international.

Aaben Dans is one of Denmark’s most touring dance theaters and a large part of our tours are conducted abroad. Every second year we arrange SWOP – Denmark’s only international dance festival for children and young.

International work
Aaben Dans has a comprehensive tour activity abroad. We are in this way ambassadors for Roskilde as a creative municipality. And we also bring things back to Roskilde from the rest of the world – performances, international network and contacts, artistic development, co-productions and residencies. The most visible expression for the local – international dynamic is the SWOP-festival, which takes place even years in Roskilde.

Residency program
Twice a year Aaben Dans invites guest artists to work at our stage – in spring and autum, for a period of two weeks.

The requirements to the artists are:
– international choreographer, who works with ‘dance for young audience’
– a described project, which is developed during the stay
– daily lunch together with others from Aaben Dans and Musicon
– give something back to Roskilde in the form of an outwardly event

Open Laboratory
Twice a year Aaben Dans open our stage “Scene in the Laboratory” as platform for up-coming choreographers, who will then get the opportunity to show small choreographic works and work-in-progress performances. The arrangements have free entry and include a dialog between the artists and audiences.

In Aaben Dans we work across arttistic genres and national borders. We often produce performances in cooperation with other institutions. The last couple of years we have created performances in cooperation with Dansstationen in Malmø, Museum of Contemporary Art in Roskilde, Odsherred Teater, Roskilde Musiske Skole og The Royal Theatre.

Bridge to institutions and audience’s work
As an important part of our work as a regional theater, strategies are included for building bridges between the theaters core activities and the surrounding society. We work targeted at finding methods which can enable us to use our tools from the creative processes in new learning-related contexts. And we work at finding new ways to bring the dance and the joy of dance out to all ages and all types of people.

Aaben Dans work with dance in cooperation with children institutions, elementary schools and specialist schools, secondary education and day centers.


Ajs Dam

Vice chairman
Anni Ellebæk Ehlers

board members
Trine Wisbech
Kasper Overgaard Bæk
Marie Kirstejn Aakjær

Belgien, Brasilien, Canada, Cameroun, Finland, Frankrig, Færøerne, Grønland, Holland, Japan, Kina, Luxemborg, Norge, Rusland, Skotland, Spanien, Sverige, Tyskland, Østrig.