The Horizon

The Royal Theater and Aaben Dans are coproducing the performance!

Aaben Dans’ artistic duo the choreographer Thomas Eisenhardt and the fivefold Reumert-awarded director Catherine Poher have through their many year of co-creation developed a characteristic artistic language, which we will now see fully unfolded on the Big Stage of The Royal Theatre.

‘The Horizon’ pays tribute to a beautiful and cruel world in a performance where 22 performers from classical ballet and modern dance, circus, opera, physical and classical theater are on the stage. Dance, song, acting, music and visual effects are united in front of a wealth of impressive backcloths from The Royal Theaters’ historical repertoire.

Life is everywhere, but do we notice it? ‘The Horizon’ does. From the basic rules of natural laws to the poetic whirr of wings, the performance embraces what we don´t always make notice of – the pure sight and the wonderful feeling, when we in earnest are capable to see the world around us.

Artistic photographer Per Bak Jensen and physicist and poet Salim Abdali contribute bring from each their corner of the world to the artistic quest the reality into vision. Carina Persson designs the light and Paolo Cadona the shadows in Rikke Juellunds’ scenography of historical backcloth to the sound of Jennos music.

In 2010 Catherine Poher staged the audience success ‘On the other side’ at The Royal Theater. Her big passion is to develope a poetic and visual stage language, that can be experienced by all generations together – with a sensual presence, aesthetic uncompromising, existential themes and humor.


Ole Birger Hansen
Jenny Ecke
Sorella Englund
Kristine Drewsen
Mette-Ida Kirk
Gudrun Bojesen
Riikka Inkeri Laurilento
Jeppe Kaas Vad
4 dance children

Tina Gylling Mortensen
Maria Rossing
Stine Schrøder
Tammi Øst
Johannes Lilleøre
Folmer Kristensen

Didier Oberlé
Samuel Gustavson

Sten Byriel
Sofie Elkjær Jensen
Christian Damsgaard Madsen
Andreas Landin

Artistic team
Catherine Poher, Director
Rikke Juellund, Set Designer
Thomas Eisenhardt, Choreographer
Carina Persson, Ligth Designer
Paolo Cardona, Shadow Artist
Jonas Peter Vest, Sound Design
Jens Bjørnkjær, Composer
Salim Abdali, Text

Project management
Mette Bisgaard, Producer
Pernille Møller Taasinge, Producer
Eva Friis, Production Manager
Jane Barlebo, Costumes
Rasmus Clausen, Head of Stage
Eva Dahl, Stage Manager

Performance team
Benedikte Hammershøy Nielsen, Dramaturg
Kathrine Lund, Assistant Director


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The Royal Theatre
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Cultural Bus stop in Roskilde
Scenen i Laboratoriet, Rabalderstræde 10, Roskilde
Audience from Roskilde can by a local expansion of The Horizon with installation, tasty bites, showing of a documentary about the production of the film, printed program and return transportation by bus.